STS (Spiral Tubing Support) Rotors 

Plastic rotor frame holding 1.6 mm ID Teflon tubing in 
layers of spiral loops that highly  retain all solvent 
systems (including the 2-phase aqueous).  Custom 
manufactured to fit existing Ito planet centrifuges.  
Comes with shaft and bearing blocks with flow tubing 
for mounting in the centrifuge.  Each rotor is balanced 
with water inside.

TOP—STS rotor for P.C. Inc. instrument.
  6 7/8 “OD x 2 9/16 “ H, volume = 135 ml

Cat. No. 200—10001.  

  Operated at 800 rpm at flow of 1 ml/min.  See 
   applications page for elution modes.

BOTTOM—STS rotor for Pharma-Tech Res. Corp. 

   5 “OD x 3 3/4 “ H, volume = 80 ml. 
Cat. No. 201—10001.

  Three balanced rotors provided to fit in instrument.  
  Operated at same conditions as above.

Ito, Clary, Powell, Knight, Finn (2008) J. Liq. Chromatog 
& Rel Tech 31: 1346-1357.  Manufactured under 
licenses NIH L-144-2007/1 and US Pat App.61/199,587.