CC Biotech is at the product development stage of novel centrifugal-based 
instruments for chromatography of bio-molecules.  The staff in the applications 
laboratory can develop novel methods for separations of all types of molecules, 
synthetic compounds, natural products and large bio-molecules.  If you have a 
separation problem, we can discuss approaches that may be useful to try.  We can 
provide contract research services in countercurrent chromatography and centrifugal 
precipitation chromatography (specifically for large bio-polymers).  Modified large 
proteins such as PEGylated proteins, dye-labeled proteins, for example can be 
separated.  Sample loads of 100 mg can be accommodated in CCC.  In the new 
CPC 5 to about 30 mg can be separated in the salt or solvent gradient in a 
membrane rotor.

The founder of CC Biotech is Martha Knight, Ph.D. an internationally established 
biochemist in peptide chemistry, chromatography, peptide physiology and 
pharmacology.  She has 20 years commercial peptide custom synthesis and 
analytical chemistry experience and can provide consulting services.

Martha Knight,
Feb 17, 2010, 12:10 PM